Hume conducts a number of different inspections each year to check on:

  • our customers' well being and 
  • the condition of properties within our portfolios.

Under the terms of the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 (RTA) the following notice and number of annual inspections permitted per year is outlined.



Maximum frequency

Minimum notice

To inspect the premises 

4 times in any 12-month period

7 days written notice each time

To carry out or assess the need for:

  • Necessary repairs/maintenance (non-urgent)
  • work to meet legal health/safety obligations.

as required

2 days’ notice each time

To value the premises 

1 time in any 12-month period

7 days’ notice each time

To show the premises to prospective buyers


A ‘reasonable’ number of times in the 14 days before the tenancy agreement ends

‘Reasonable’ notice each time

To show the premises to prospective buyers


2 times in any period of a week

• Before first showing: 14 days written notice of intention to sell, then

• before each showing: as agreed, otherwise 48 hours’ notice each time. 

Property annual inspections
Hume's Assets Team will schedule Annual Property Inspections for the homes in our portfolios every 3 years. These inspections will determine the overall condition of the home and inform our Planned Maintenance schedule.

Inspections are carried out by an external contractor who will send out notices to the customer in line with the RTA requirements.

Leasehold property inspections
Customers that live in a home that is privately owned and managed by a real estate agent have property inspections carried out on a regular basis as per the RTA.

Annual smoke alarm testing

Hume conducts annual Smoke Alarm Testing with the assistance of an outside contractor, who will issue appointment letters to our customers. 


It is a term of every residential tenancy agreement that the landlord will install and maintain smoke alarms according to the standards in the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

A landlord/agent/contractor, having given 2 days notice, can enter premises to:
• install smoke alarms
• maintain and repair smoke alarms.

Access: Your rights as our customer

The landlord/agent, or another person authorised by the landlord, must not:

• enter before 8am or after 8pm
• enter on a Sunday or public holiday
• stay longer than necessary.

They must, if they can, notify you of the proposed time and date of entry.

A person authorised by the landlord/agent must have written consent from the landlord/agent to enter the premises. If you are at the premises, they must show you this consent.