For Translating and Interpreting Services:  call 131 450


Assessing the need for an interpreter

  • The need for an interpreter should be determined prior to an appointment, wherever possible
  • Assessing how well a person can understand English is the first step in identifying the need for an interpreter.
  • Even when customer appears to have adequate proficiency in English, a stressful or unfamiliar situation may affect their ability to communicate effectively.


Engaging an interpreter is recommended if:

  • requested by the customer
  • the customer cannot comprehend or respond to basic questions in English
  • you are experiencing difficulty understanding the customer and they can only respond in a limited way
  • the customer relies on family or friends to communicate
  • the customer prefers to speak in his/her own language
  • the customer speaks English as a second language, and is in a stressful, complex or unfamiliar situation.

Hume’s Account Details With Translating And Interpreting Services: C031755