Hume Community Housing Customer Service Charter 

Hume Community Housing is committed to our customers and to living our values. We are here to get results; creating and providing wide-ranging housing options and services to improve housing security and reduce homelessness.

Through this charter Hume will demonstrate our commitment to and respect for customer diversity and will:

  • Deliver services in a culturally respectful manner.
  • Advocate for equal access to services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
  • Ensure all information necessary to make informed decisions about your housing options is available.
  • Actively use translation and interpreter services.
  • Remove barriers to participation.

As a customer of Hume it is your right to expect to:


Be treated with respect at all times:

  • We will provide professional, friendly and courteous service and;
  • Listen to your views and respect you, your culture and the choices that you make.


Have your personal information kept as confidential and your privacy respected:

  • We will treat your information as private and operate subject to the conditions of the Australian Privacy Principles 2014.
  • We will only use and collect information that relates to Hume Housing functions, operations or activities.
  • We will not use or disclose your personal information with other people or agencies without you knowing about it and
  • agreeing to it, unless we have concerns for your safety or we are required to by law.


Receive prompt, efficient and reliable service:

  • We will provide you with accurate information and advice at all times.
  • We will keep our appointments with you and keep you informed if a situation changes.
  • If you call us we will answer your call within 5 rings and if you leave a message we will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • If you send us an email you will receive a reply within 48 hours.


Have a clear understanding of how you can provide feedback or make an appeal:

  • We will always take your comments and complaints seriously and encourage you to ask questions about our work practices.
  • You can give us your feedback verbally and in writing via post, email or by completing a form available from our office or online.
  • We will ensure you are sent an acknowledgement and advice in response to a complaint or appeal within 2 working days of receipt.
  • You will also receive a written response from the Department Manager handling the complaint within 15 working days or at the very least a progress update in more complex situations


Ensure that you are treated fairly and without discrimination:

  • Our services are open to eligible people regardless of characteristics, preferences or culture.


As your service provider, Hume has the right to expect that you will:

  • Provide us with up to date information about you and your family and by letting us know if there is a change in your circumstances.
  • Provide us with documentation we may ask for such as Rent Rebate applications or income information.
  • Pay your rent and bills on time.
  • Treat us with respect at all times, by behaving in a courteous and safe manner towards our staff.
  • Tell us what you think about our services and programs.
  • Get involved as often as you can through our Tenants Voice Meetings, Block Meetings and Customer Forums or let us know if there is any way we can assist you to improve your involvement.


Service Delivery Information


Renting a property

When you are shortlisted for a property with Hume:

  • If we make you an offer we will arrange a viewing within 48 hours
  • if you accept the offer we will organise a lease sign up within the next 2 working days and have you moving into your new home as quickly as possible.


Maintenance issues

If you have a maintenance problem with your home, report It – through our online maintenance request service or call (02) 9727 0688 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Once you have reported it to us, you should expect it to be acted on within:

  • 4 hours – Urgent Requests
  • 24 hours – Category 1 requests
  • 28-72 hours – Category 2 requests
  • 20 days – Category 3 requests

Please see our website for details of maintenance classifications.


Paying your accounts


Rent, Maintenance and Water Accounts

Part of your commitment as a customer of Hume is keeping your rent 14 days in advance at all times. If you miss a payment we will contact you after:

  • 7 days with a reminder letter and
  • 14 days with a demand letter, before we proceed with further action.

You can also expect to receive regular phone calls and a home visit from our staff in order to help you maintain your tenancy with us. 

If you are ever in a position where your account is in credit and you require a refund we will ensure that this is processed within a maximum of 28 working days.


Rent Review and annual eligibility assessments

As a customer of Hume Housing your rent and eligibility for certain programs is assessed by calculating your household income. We conduct regular rent reviews and will send you a written notice when a review is about to start, or it’s time to sign your lease. It is important that you:

  • Sign any paperwork and return it along with your income details by the date specified.
  • Always ask us if you do not understand what is required.


Changes in your circumstances

We understand that sometimes things change in a household therefore we will:

  • Respond to succession requests within 28 working days.
  • Respond to additional occupant requests within 10 working days.
  • Respond to a change of name request within 10 working days.
  • Give a response to a request for a short leave of absence within 10 working days.
  • Give a response to any application to have a pet within 28 working days.


Fraud and Corruption

At Hume we pride ourselves on behaving in a fair and transparent manner towards all our customers and we expect the same in return. If at any time you feel that a member of our staff is behaving improperly or illegally we ask that you speak to a Senior Manager.

We will:

  • Protect your privacy.
  • Investigate your concerns.

  • Explain the outcome and advise you of the rules.

Complaints of antisocial behaviour

If you have made a complaint of antisocial behaviour in your neighbourhood we will investigate your concerns within the following time frames:

Category of ASB complaint

Complaints falling within Category

Response time to make contact with complainant


A Serious Antisocial Behaviour

Criminal behaviour and harassment. *Always report this behaviour to the police.

1 Working Day

B Antisocial Behaviour

Frequent disturbances, excessive noise, nuisance as a result of alcohol or drug abuse and clashes of lifestyles.

3 Working Days

C Nuisance Cases

Infrequent disturbances, running a business and vandalism.

3 Working Days

D Basic breaches of the tenancy conditions

Which form part of the resident’s agreement.

3 Working Days

P Private Tenant/Owner Occupier

This will include any other household being complained about with Hume. When referred it should still be categorised as A, B or C (e.g. PA, PB or PC).

3 Working Days

Y Youth Disorder

Complaints of Youth Disorder which is not covered under previous categories as a neighbour dispute.

3 Working Days

S Supported residential units

Complaints of ASB from individual(s) residing in supported accommodation.

2 Working Days