Hume's officers will conduct at least one customer wellbeing and tenancy visit per year.


This visit is to make sure that you are managing well in your home and to address any issues with your tenancy. 

Our officers can visit you more often if you need support to be able to stay in your home.


They can also give you advice if your home doesn't suit you anymore. 

Hume can support you in education, employment and training by organising services to help you reach your goals. 


It is important that you meet with your Neighbourhood Officer in your home.

When you are a new customer, we will also visit you soon after you have moved in to discuss your individual needs and provide support on things like finance, health issues, employment, social and housekeeping.


We collate the feedback from our customers which is then used to inform our planning around services offered by Hume being suited to the demands and needs of the local community.