All customers are required to pay rent and water charges. If you are late with your payments, your account will be in arrears. This means you are in breach of your tenancy agreement.  


Our goal is to support you to maintain your tenancy. If you are having trouble paying your rent or water, please call us immediately on 1800 004 300. 


Our housing team can help you by:

  • discussing your account with you
  • setting up a payment plan to pay off your arrears
  • referring you to a financial counselling service


If your account falls in arrears, you can expect to receive regular phone calls, letters and a home visit from our staff to help you maintain your tenancy. 


If you do not pay your rent, we will issue a Notice of Termination and commence formal action by applying to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) to formalise a payment plan. 

 We want to support you to keep your home. It is important that you continue to talk to us about any difficulties you may have with your tenancy or in paying your rent. 


The attached Rent and Water Arrears Factsheet provides more information.