If someone has moved into your home or you have had a new baby you will need to complete an additional occupant request. You must let us know within 21 days of the change. 

If you receive a rent subsidy and there is a change in your household income you must advise Hume within 21 days by completing a new Rent Subsidy Application form. 

For the purposes of your rent review, a change in circumstances includes, but is not limited to:

  • An adult household member moving into or out of a property
  • A household member stops or starts work
  • A change in a household member’s income from employment
  • A change in a household member’s Centrelink income
  • Additional income being received from other sources.

You must submit proof of income for each household member aged 18 years or over, as well as supporting documentation for the change indicated. Examples of acceptable documents to demonstrate a change in income or household circumstance are listed in the attached factsheet.


It is important to understand that if you receive a Centrelink income, Centrelink does not tell Hume Housing about any changes to a person’s income details, even if you participate in the Income Confirmation Scheme.


When you advise us of a change in household income, we will recalculate your rent. We will write to you to confirm the new rent amount you need to pay. 


If you do not advise us of an increase to your household income, we can cancel your rent subsidy and rent charges maybe backdated.