The rent you are charged will depend on whether your tenancy is managed under a Social or an Affordable housing program or whether you live in Specialist Disability Accommodation.


Market Rent and Subsidised Rent


Market rent is the actual rent amount for the property. This amount will be comparable to similar properties on the private rental market and is reviewed annually.


Subsidised rent is the rent that is applicable to a customer based on their income calculation and eligibility.


Social Housing Rents


Hume charges rent in accordance with the NSW Community Housing Rent Policy and Hume's Social Housing Rent Policy


Hume provides a rental subsidy to eligible households living in social housing. We use your household’s gross assessable income to calculate your rent subsidy and the rent you will pay. 


You will pay rent based on percentage of your total household’s gross assessable income plus 100% of your Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) entitlement.


Eligibility for a rent subsidy is reviewed every 6 months and whenever your household circumstances and income changes. Read our 'How Rent is Calculated' factsheet below for more information about rent and rent reviews.

Here is an example of how we calculate rent for a single person receiving Age Pension.


Income TypeIncome Amount p/wRateWeekly Rent
Age Pension$485.7525%$121.44
Energy Supp$7.0525%$1.76
Total Rent



Affordable Housing Rents


Hume Housing manage affordable housing properties under a range of different rent setting arrangements. Rent is set in accordance with the National Rental Affordability Scheme and /or the NSW Affordable Housing Ministerial Guidelines.


Rent for affordable housing properties will not exceed 80% of the market rent. Ideally the rent is no more than 30% of the gross household income.


If you live in an affordable housing property, an income eligibility review will be conducted annually to ensure you remain eligible for the program prior to resigning a lease agreement.


Specialist Disability Accommodation


If you live in Specialist Disability Accommodation your rent will be set at 25% of the base rate of the Disability Support Pension plus 100% of the base rate of Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA).


Your rent will be reviewed every 6 months.