It is your responsibility to make sure your household rubbish is put out to be collected. 

Rubbish and recycling should be separated and placed into different bins.


What should be put onto the different rubbish bins?


In your general rubbish bin, you can place:

  • food packaging
  • food waste
  • anything that is not recyclable
  • plastic bags and garbage bags
  • nappies
  • broken household items
  • grass clippings and small garden prunings


You should not place:

  • asbestos (including fibro)
  • building waste 
  • car parts or car batteries
  • car oil 
  • syringes and needles 
  • chemicals  
  • paint
  • medicines or medical waste 
  • hot ashes
  • gas bottles.

In the yellow recycling bin, you can place:

  • plastic soft-drink and water bottles
  • cans and tins
  • glass bottles and jars
  • plastic food containers
  • juice and milk cartons and bottles
  • newspapers and magazines
  • phone books
  • egg cartons
  • envelopes
  • cardboard boxes.


You should not place:

  • plastic bags
  • light globes and mirrors
  • drinking glasses
  • any of the rubbish listed to go in the green rubbish bin.


Your local council will collect rubbish and recycling once a week. To find out what day your rubbish is collected, you can contact your local Council. 

You can find your local council on this website:

To locate a Community recycling centre, visit this website:

For Return and Earn, visit this website: