If you want to end your tenancy agreement (lease) with us, you will need to let us know before you move out by completing and signing a Notice of Termination form.

There are also mandatory notice periods that you need to adhere to if you want to end your lease. 

They are: 

  • 21 days for customers in a periodic tenancy agreement
  • 14 days for customers on a fixed term lease. Please also note there are additional charges if breaking a fixed term lease early. (These are discussed further below.)
  • 7 days for Supported Housing or Transitional Housing
  • Immediate termination due to domestic violence. In this case you will need to provide proof of interim orders, a family law injunction or a declaration from a medical professional on a prescribed declaration form.


If you need to break a fixed term lease early please note you will have to pay extra break fees.

For leases signed BEFORE 23rd March 2020, the break fees are listed in the table below. 


Period of Lease Expired

12-month fixed term 

Equivalent Weeks of Lease


Amount to be charged

50 percent or less

Up to 26 weeks

6 weeks subsidised rent

50 percent or more

26 weeks or more

4 weeks subsidised rent

Immediate Termination Due to Violence

Not applicable 


For leases signed AFTER 23rd March 2020 the break fees are listed in the table below. 

Period of Lease Expired 

12-month fixed term

Equivalent weeks of lease agreement

Amount to be charged

25% or less

Up to 13 weeks

4 weeks subsidised rent

25% up to 50%

13 weeks up to 26 weeks

3 weeks subsidised rent

50% up to 75%

26 weeks up to 39 weeks

2 weeks subsidised rent

75% or more

39 weeks up to 52 weeks

1 weeks subsidised rent


You also need to make sure that you have paid any outstanding debts on your property and have packed and removed all of your belongings when you leave.

The property should be left in a clean and tidy condition ready for the next person to move in.


Before you leave the property, check that you have cleaned:

  • marks off walls
  • all blinds and curtains
  • windows
  • cookers and ovens 
  • kitchen cupboards
  • bathrooms  
  • carpets
  • sheds and garages and carports.


Please ensure sure that the lawns are mowed, gardens are weeded, and all rubbish is taken away. 

If you have had pets in your home, you need to make sure the carpets are shampooed and the property fumigated.


PLEASE NOTE: You may be charged a fee if you have not left the property in a reasonable condition.


Full set/s of keys must be returned by the date you have agreed to leave the property, this includes:

  • all door keys
  • any keys to shared areas
  • any window keys 
  • any remote controls
  • any key fobs.

All keys must be handed over at the property during the final inspection by a Hume officer. If you return the keys late, you will be charged a day's rent for each day you don't return them.


For all other questions about ending a tenancy, contact us on (02) 9722 4300 and speak with a member of our customer service team.