If you want to make improvements or changes to your home, this is called an alteration.

Some of the types of alterations which require approval by Hume include:

  • installing air conditioners
  • painting
  • changing flooring 
  • installing wardrobes.

You need to pay: 

  • for any alterations you want to make to your home 
  • to have things put back the way they were if you move out. 


You need to get Hume's approval before you can make any alterations to your home, in writing. This includes all the homes we own and manage.


If you make alterations without our approval, you’re breaching your tenancy agreement.  In this case will ask you to:

  • put things back the way they were
  • fix any damage that has been done.

If you don't comply. we might ask you to move out of the home and in some cases we might have to go to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

If you want to make alterations, complete and return an Alteration Request Form.

Our Technical Officers will review your request and advise you of the outcome in writing.